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Like most kids, ours have enough stuff. And as a minimalist I really don’t like to get them stuff just for the sake of it. Which is why for birthdays and holidays we like to give our kids experiences as much as possible.

Last year my oldest daughter, Kaia, wanted to learn to cook and Christmas was coming up, so I thought the perfect gift would be something that would help build her cooking skills.

After searching around for ways to teach kids to cook, I found Raddish Kids. And while it’s not a class really, it was just what I was looking for. Raddish Kids is a monthly subscription box for kids that is so much more than just recipes. Click here to get $10 off your first box!

It’s a whole cooking experience that combines building cooking skills, learning to read a recipe, making yummy food, learning about a specific topic (like music, space, Spain or Scandinavia), playing games and having fun dinner conversation too; the perfect way to teach kids to cook!

Let’s break it down and I’ll show you what I mean.

The Box:

Each monthly box revolves around a specific theme. Often it’s a country like Spain but sometimes it revolves around a holiday like Thanksgiving or a season like Spring. This fits really well with our love of travel and learning about food from different places.

When you open the box, this is what is inside:

cooking with kids subscription raddish kids Swedish Eats box
Cooking with kids, Raddish Kids box Swedish Eats

Inside the packet is everything you need to make 3 delicious recipes (minus the ingredients and utensils). Plus fun facts, conversation starters, a utensil to use with the recipes and a patch to sew on your Raddish Kids apron. The apron comes free with a 6 or 12 month subscription.

all the things you need for cooking with kids and having a fun family meal teach kids to cook with Raddish Kids
What comes in the Raddish Kids kit every month

Recently we had a lot of fun learning about Sweden and making some of our new favorite foods. This month included recipes for Swedish Meatballs, Nordic Cinnamon Buns and a Scandinavian Smorgasbord. We learned that a Smorgasbord is basically smaller dishes that you’d have at a buffet, but literally means “sandwich table.” See, like I said, very educational.

The tool or utensil included with the kit is well made and of great quality too, which means you can use it for years to come.

teach kids to cook  scandinavian smorgasbord recipe card

Each recipe card tells you what the recipe is for, how long it will take to make, how many servings, and what you will learn by the time you’re done. They’re always tri-folded, with the ingredients and steps on the inner side and additional information on the others. These are very important skills when you teach kids to cook.

teach kids to cook with raddish kids scandinavian smorgasbord recipe card

When you open it up, you see all of the ingredients along with a picture, to make it easy for young kids who may not be great readers yet. And also a list of the tools you will need. This makes it easy to get all of the ingredients out and make sure you have everything ready before you start.

On the other flap is some bit of information to help you learn more about the recipe–it’s origins, other foods that are similar, a game or even a quiz. My girls always love reading this part because they learn more about the food they’re making and it is more fun that way.

cooking with kids raddish kids steps for making a smorgasbord dish

On the inside of the recipe card are the steps to making the recipe with pictures. This makes it easy for young kids who can’t read to understand what is happening, and also makes it so you know that you’re doing it right too since the recipe creators aren’t in the kitchen with you.

Teach kids to cook raddish kids culinary skill recipe page

On the back flap there is always a culinary skill for kids to learn and practice. These range from washing hands to grating cheese to having kitchen safety and preparing your space.

These are some of my favorites because when you already know how to cook, it can be easy to over look things that are obvious to you–like washing your hands, or preparing your space. But, they aren’t obvious to kids.

So, that’s how the kit looks and works. My daughter made this nearly entirely by herself:

teach kids to cook food from around the world with Raddish Kids

How it works:

Now that you know what’s in the kit, this is how the subscription actually works.

Each month you get an email when your monthly box ships that includes info about that month’s theme, what the recipes are and a shopping list. There are also links to extra recipes, dietary modifications, musical playlists, videos and lesson plans if you want to create a full cooking curriculum.

The Plans:

Currently, there are three plans/subscription lengths you can choose from, either monthly, 6 months or 12 months. Boxes are cheaper the longer you choose to have your subscription. You can cancel the monthly box any time, and cancel you renewal at the end if you wish.

We opted for the 12 month subscription because it was a gift for both of my girls, and I knew it would be something that we’d enjoy.

I’m also a big fan of value and getting things for a cheaper price for doing it longer is something that I personally like to do.

Why we love it:

We have had it for 16 months and haven’t had any repeat themes, tools or recipes. I’ll be honest and say that we haven’t made every recipe. But, we have made A LOT of them and they’re all winners. We also love the culinary skills and quizzing each other on the additional facts about each place. It’s been such a fun and easy way to teach my kids to cook.

teach kids to cook with raddish kids cooking with kids subscription box

I definitely think it is a great gift for any child that likes cooking, or as something to help you and your kids spend more time together in the kitchen and give you as a parent a blueprint for making it happen.

I am someone who enjoys cooking and baking, and know a lot, but when it came to teaching my girls, I wasn’t quite sure where to start. What skills were important? What recipes would be good? Raddish Kids makes it easy because the recipes are made with kids in mind. And included specific skills to learn–right on the recipe card!

Want to get started? I know you do! Click here to get $10 off your first box!

What are some of your favorite things to make?


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