Cooking with Kids: A Trip to Spain

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I should be on a plane right now; flying to Spain where we were supposed to spend a whole three weeks in that beautiful country. I’ve been looking forward to eating delicious foods, visiting unique architecture and seeing some of the best art in the world. We’ve been looking forward to this trip for a few years, but because of the coronavirus, we had to cancel.

(I want to make clear that yes, I know that in the grand scheme of things, canceling a trip is not a big deal. But, it’s still disappointing.)

We are all a bit bummed, so we decided to make a virtual trip instead. And where else would we start but with the food? Because eating our way through a country is one of the best ways to get a feel for its culture.


Seriously, a lot of times whenever we go on a trip, trying local food is 90% of what we do, and bring back with us if we can.

Spain is one of the largest countries in Europe and has several different regions known for different things. Some for wine and grapes, some for beaches, others for ham so soft and tender it practically melts in your mouth.

spanish food
Spanish Food

To make our virtual food trip both authentic, and simple enough to actually make, we decided to use our Spain box from Raddish Kids. I talk about a lot in this post, but basically it’s an awesome themed box that arrives monthly full of delicious recipes, culinary quizzes, a high-quality cooking tool to be used for one of the month’s recipes, (like a spatula, tongs, masher, whisk, measuring cups, etc.) and some extras to help you learn more about the theme. I love that it helps me have fun while cooking with my kids.

Inside our Spain box the recipes were for Tapas, Spanish Paella and Churros. Tapas are small plates, like appetizers, meant to be finger foods. These were such a hit in our house we’ll definitely be making them again:

Spanish tapas from Raddish Kids cooking box
Spanish Tapas

Dates wrapped in Bacon, Roasted potatoes and Pan con tomate (bread with tomato) They were all sooo good, and my kids loved them.

While this paella isn’t the most authentic version (there aren’t shellfish, thank goodness) it is pretty close, and definitely kid friendly. Those people at Raddish really do know what they’re doing.

Spanish paella from Raddish Kids cooking box
Spanish Paella

And for dessert we used our included piping bag and made churros with chocolate sauce. I loved that my daughter could help and learned how to use a piping bag to make these .

making churros raddish kids
Homemade churros

Oh. my. goodness. They’re delicious! Ours are even gluten free and they turned out perfectly. The combo of the cinnamon sugar, and the chocolate is simply divine.

While eating I quizzed the kids about the different regions in Spain and what they’re famous for, and they colored them in on the included map. (Valencia for oranges!) We also practiced some basic Spanish words and phrases that were included. Since B and K already know them all because they’ve had Spanish for years, they taught them to C who hasn’t. It was fun watching them practice together.

raddish kids spain cooking box

We love all of our Raddish Kids cooking boxes because they make cooking together so fun and easy. The recipes are always delicious, and often more simplified and kid friendly than some strictly “authentic” versions of food. (Like with the Paella not having shellfish or their French Nicoise salad that doesn’t have tuna or green beans. But, I like these versions better myself, so I’m not complaining!)

We especially adore the boxes dedicated to a specific country because we love eating foods from around the world. This box was especially appreciated since it helped us feel a little better about not being able to be there in person–and everyone gobbled everything up too!


  1. Kirsten Reeder | 28th Jul 20

    These look so fun!

  2. Educational Subscription Boxes for Kids | Vibrant Mom Society | 5th Aug 20

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  3. Kristin | 6th Aug 20

    My girls would love this! Fun giveaway!

  4. Mariah French | 7th Sep 20

    This is so cool! I lived in Spain for 18 months and miss all the delicious food 🙂

    • Kirsten Reeder | 7th Sep 20

      Ah, I’ll bet that was awesome. What area were you in? What were your favorite foods we should try when we do get to go?

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