Read Aloud Story: My Super Me

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My Super Me is one of my favorite new books, and after you hear this read aloud story for yourself I think you’ll want a copy for your own library. You can get that here: My Super Me: Finding Courage for the Tough Stuff by Todd Herman and Eevi Jones.

As parents, we know that personal development for kids is important. It builds character and strengthens their ability to overcome hard things. It goes by a few different names, like grit and perseverance and inner strength. But sometimes knowing what skills our kids need, and how to develop them is hard.

That’s where My Super Me: Finding Courage for the Tough Stuff can help. The author, Todd Herman, has been helping athletes, business executives and entrepreneurs bring out their inner super hero and develop mental toughness for more than 20 years. And now he’s helping kids do it too.

Building those critical skills is an ongoing process. But this book is a great place to start because it’s written in a way that’s easy for kids to understand.

Sometimes having someone else read to your child is nice too! That’s why each read aloud story in the Books with Britton series is read by 12 year old Britton Reeder. He loves books and reading aloud to kids, and he’s going to read My Super Me: Finding Courage for the Tough Stuff to you!

This story is about a little boy who finds his inner super hero and how you can too!


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  1. Beth Shields | 8th May 20

    Seems like a sweet way to help encourage kids during a tough time.

    • Kirsten Reeder | 11th May 20

      I think so to. It’s been helpful for my kids for sure!

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