Eureka Crate: Stem Engineering and Design Subscription Box

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When you have a child interested in science, engineering and technology, finding projects for them all the time can be challenging. Enter Eureka Crate, the monthly subscription box that gives teenagers a chance to build their engineering and design skills.

I talk in detail about the Kiwi Co line of subscription boxes in this post and a bit on our Educational Resources page, but this post is all about the Eureka Crate specifically and why we’re fans of it in our house.

What is the Eureka Crate?

I guess we should start with the most important question. What exactly is the Eureka Crate? It is a monthly subscription box sent to your door with a STEM related project inside that gives teens (and adults) a hands-on lesson in the design process and uses engineering skills to make things that solve real-world problems.

As the most advanced of the Kiwi Co lines, it’s meant for ages 14 and up, or kids with more advanced skills. Especially those who have experience with the Tinker Crate which is for 9-16 year olds.

Eureka Crate challenges brains, builds skills and encourages creativity.

What are the projects like?

Each month a different project of varying difficulty arrives in the mail. They vary between fun and more practical projects.

This is a 2-in-1 lantern that we actually used when the kids camped in the backyard.

This fun table tennis robot lets you practice your ping pong skills in a small space–without a partner.

He’s also made a desk lamp, a table fan and a lock box.

What comes in the box?

All boxes come with the pieces needed for the project, and a few spares.

There’s also the instruction book that gives step by step instructions with pictures.

Near the back of the book there is more about what went into the design, and how to take the skills even further.

Who is the Eureka Crate for?

This particular line is for teenagers and up because the projects are more involved and complicated than those in the Tinker Crate. It’s officially for ages 14+, though we have it for my 12 year old. But, he did have the Tinker Crate for a year and wanted something a little more advanced. He sometimes feels that the Eureka Crate projects are a bit too complicated/hard though.

The Eureka Crate is appropriate if your child is really advanced in engineering and building, has used the Tinker Crate line for a while, or is of the “appropriate” age.

How much does it cost?

The Eureka Crate, like all the others, is a subscription with a few options. There is monthly, which costs $29.95. If you get a 3 month subscription it’s $28.95/month. For 6 months the price drops to $26.95/month and the best value is the 12 month subscription at $24.95/month.

We opt for the 12 month subscription because I know we’ll want it that long anyway, and I like the nearly $200 in savings over the monthly price. We give it as a gift for a birthday or Christmas. We’ve also had grandparents contribute because they know we prefer quality activities over a quantity of toys.

Final thoughts on Eureka Crate

If your teenager is into building things, likes engineering, science or math, this box is a great option. It will help them learn more about those things, and give them practical applications–without you having to come up with ideas or find supplies all the time.

Here’s the final project:

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